NCBE Releases National Mean for March 2022 MPRE

MADISON, WISCONSIN, April 28, 2022—The national mean scaled score for the March 2022 Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) was 95.6, the National Conference of Bar Examiners announced today. This represents a decrease of approximately 3.4 points from the March 2021 mean of 99.0, which was the highest mean for any MPRE administration since March 2012, and a decrease of approximately 0.2 points from the March 2020 mean of 95.8. MPRE scores for 19,206 March examinees have been released to jurisdictions and examinees.

The MPRE is a two-hour, 60-question multiple-choice examination administered three times per year at Pearson VUE testing centers. It is required for admission to the bars of most US jurisdictions. The purpose of the MPRE is to measure candidates’ knowledge and understanding of established standards related to the professional conduct of lawyers. Passing scores are set by individual jurisdictions and range from 75.0 to 86.0.

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A chart showing MPRE mean scores 2018-2022. In March 2018-2022 the mean score was 94.7, 93.8, 95.8, 99.0, and 95.6. In August 2018-2021 the mean score was 93.0, 93.4, 98.6, and 96.0. In October/November 2018-2021 the mean score was 95.5, 97.0, 98.8, and 9A chart showing the number of MPRE examinees 2018-2022. In March 2018-2022 there were 20,346; 19,138; 17,000; 18,078; and 19,206 examinees. In August 2018-2021 there were 16,651; 17,066; 12,688; and 18,615 examinees. In October/November 2018-2021 there we