Maximum Score Age

Maximum Age of Transferred UBE Score by Jurisdiction

This map shows UBE jurisdictions in orange and lists the maximum age of transferred UBE scores for each jurisdiction. The same information is displayed in tabular format below the map.

UBE MaxAgeTransferredScoresMap 081820

Maximum Age of Transferred UBE Score*Jurisdiction
2 years North Dakota, Rhode Island
2 years/5 years Iowa, Texas, Utah
25 months Alabama
3 years Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Virgin Islands, West Virginia, Wyoming
3 years/5 years Colorado, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Vermont
37 months Idaho
40 months Washington
4 years Illinois
5 years Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio

Some jurisdictions describe the maximum age in months instead of years. For the purpose of this page, if months and years are an equal amount of time, the maximum age is stated in years. 

Since jurisdiction rules and policies change, you are strongly advised to consult the jurisdiction’s bar admission agency directly for the most current information.

Note: Oklahoma's maximum age of transferred UBE score has yet to be announced.